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Often people wonder why they should rent a violin, viola, cello, or bass instead of buying.  Renting anything often lends to a bad experience.  Rest assured that in this instance renting can be much better.   We say "can be" because in the end it is up to you to make the call and not all rental companies are created equal.  There are important questions to ask and below is a list of good questions to ask possible rental companies with our answers. 

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Should I rent or buy a stringed instrument?

Q:  There are several violins online for about hundred bucks or less, why shouldn't I buy one of those, which is much cheaper than renting?

A:  Our philosophy is to give the best possible start for a student.  By renting, you are giving a beginner a much higher quality instrument to start playing.  The retail price of our rental violin outfit is $700.  This gives them a good quality instrument to start on and the student the best possible start.

Q:  Is the instrument "rent to own."?

A:  Yes and no.  The instrument you are renting is, just that, a rental instrument.  Just like a rental car company or large machinery company.  You rent the item and return it when you are finished.  The difference is, at Studio Strings we give you 100% of the rent you paid towards the purchase of any instrument in our shop.  You may rent as long as you wish, you just cannot get more than a 50% discount on the day you purchase.

Q:  Why can't I get the entire amount off?

A:  By imposing a limit on the discount at the time of sale, it keeps our retail prices as low as possible which in the end benefits our customers the most.  You will get the entire amount off, as long as you match the credit.

Q:  Can I just pay off the one I am renting?

A:  Yes and No.  For example, if you rent a violin that retails for $700, once you have accumulated $350, you can give us a call and pay off the instrument you are renting.  You would not want to do this, if it is a fractional instrument and of course you would want to get a new instrument. Once you have reached about half the purchase price, come into our shop and we can help you find a new instrument that is just right.

Q:  Do you offer an insurance plan and what does it cover?

A:  We offer an insurance plan on all of our instruments.  It covers any accidental damage as well as strings, cases, shoulder rests and bow hair.  You are completely covered.  The only thing that is not covered is intentional damage.  Little Johnny cannot carve "I love Susie" in the violin. You will be charged for the refinishing of the instrument.  Carving anything into the instrument may result in a total loss, as even re-varnishing cannot fix it.  In this rare event, you will be responsible for the total cost of the instrument .

Q:  Can I keep the insurance after I purchase?

A:  We get asked this question often and unfortunately the answer is no.  That is however, a very good point in mentioning.  Renting your instrument instead of buying allows your student to make all the "mistakes" on ours.  Once you make an investment in an upgraded instrument, you can be assured your child has learned the proper care and maintenance to keep their new instrument in great condition. 

Q: Do I have to loosen the bow hair every time I am finished playing?

A:  This question doesn't really fit the topic of this page, but please please loosen your bow hair every single time you play!  This is the number one cause of bow breakage and a lesson often learned by our customers.

Q: Do you come to our schools for repairs?

A: Absolutely.  We visit schools on scheduled days through the week. For emergencies, we are available for you to come to our shop.  We can deliver size ups too, just let us know and we will exchange an instrument on our next scheduled day.

Q: Does the price increase as the size goes up?

A: No, our 1/8 size violin has the same retail cost as our full size violin.  The same care and precision is used to make all the sizes and the price does not change as you size up.

Q:  Do you have a large selection of instruments to choose from when I am ready to buy?

A:  This might be the most important question to ask! Studio Strings may be the fastest growing violin shop in the USA.  We have tons of instruments to choose from!  Many stores offer rental credit, but do they have violins to choose from when it comes time to purchase!? Our favorite days in the shop are when we get to visit with families in helping them choose their stringed instrument.  Our goal is to excite the student about the instrument and have it be the one they can't wait to play day after day!